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Outdoor Creations is proud to offer computerized landscape design!

At Outdoor Creations, we use the latest computer technology to show you our plans for your landscaping project. Our landscaping professionals work closely with you to create a design that is both beautiful and functional. Using color pictures of your house and the surrounding property, we can then show you exactly what your landscaping will look like once it is completed. We can make additions or changes before we pick up a shovel, ensuring that you will be 100 percent satisfied with your new landscaping.

The landscaping professionals at Outdoor Creations use the latest digital imaging technology. With digital imaging software, we are able to incorporate a picture of your property, with pictures of trees, shrubs and other landscape items to create a comprehensive, educational and informative approach to each project. The design should reflect the mature size of the planting material so that the plantings will not overpower one another when full grown. From the initial consultation, site review, concept drawing and final design to the completion of your project, our objective is quite simply your total satisfaction and approval of the landscaping.

At Outdoor Creations, we utilize the most advanced design technology on each and every one of our projects. This process lets you see the finished look of your landscape before it is ever started. Using computerized landscape design software allows us to create more accurate designs and gives us the flexibility to revise and modify at the customer’s request.


At Outdoor Creations, our commitment is serving your landscaping needs with professional advice and quality products. Call us today to schedule your landscape consultation.

Landscaping in Cedar Rapids and Eastern IA

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