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At Outdoor Creations we strive to keep our customers informed throughout their landscaping projects. If you have additional questions please visit our contact us page. 

Q- How much do you charge for estimates? 

A- There is no charge for the initial consultation. If a design is needed, we will give you an estimated cost for the project design. If you choose to have Outdoor Creations install your landscaping the design fee will go towards your project cost.

Q- Do you require a deposit for landscaping? 

A- Yes, a 50% deposit is required before the project will be scheduled. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that it allows you to be placed on our schedule knowing that you are committed to having Outdoor Creations install your landscaping. The second is that your materials may be purchased weeks in advance and this allows us to cover some of the job costs until the project is complete.

Q- Why is the lawn underneath my trees thinning and dying out? 

A – One of the most difficult places to grow grass is underneath trees. Tree roots out-compete grass roots for water and nutrients, and turf begins to thin out. The location is often too shady for turf to thrive. Most grass species need full sun. Shady locations are also cooler and more humid, which encourages fungal diseases and moss to grow.

Q- What are some other options for the area under my trees? 

A- Prune the trees to allow more sunlight to penetrate the area and to increase air circulation. Plant a species of grass that tolerates more shade such as, fine fescue. Instead of grass, mulch the area or convert to ornamental beds and plant a shade tolerant groundcover in this area.

Q- What is hydroseeding? 

A- Hydroseeding is the combination of grass seed, starter fertilizer, cellulose fiber, and water. After being thoroughly mixed into a slurry consistency, the mixture is sprayed by machine onto the prepared soil.

Q- How often should I water my new sod? 

A- New sod needs to be watered 2-3 times per day for the first 7-14 days. After that you need to water less frequently but for longer periods of time to allow the sod to establish deep roots. It is crucial that you do not allow the sod to dry out. If the sod does not have adequate moisture it can shrink and gaps will appear. This will create problems by allowing weed seedlings to germinate between the pieces and make for an unsightly appearance.

Q- When is the best time of day to water? 

A- Morning is the best, even if it is just before sunrise. Afternoon waterings are also fine,     even though more water is lost to evaporation. Late evening is the time to avoid if at all possible. Turfgrass watered in the evening tends to stay wet all night, providing an ideal environment for fungus disease. Particular caution needs to be made to this during the hot and humid nights of summer.

Q- What does N-P-K stand for on the fertilizer bags? 

A- N= Nitrogen P= Phosphorus K= Potassium (Potash)

Q- What does N-P-K do for my lawn? 

A- Nitrogen provides vigorous growth and quick greening. Phosphorus assists with root growth and development. Potassium or Potash helps the lawn withstand drought and assists with disease resistance.

For additional questions please call (319) 558-8118 or email [email protected]

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